Composite Fence Series 8 ft. Heavy Duty In-Ground Gate Post


Creative Surfaces 8 ft. Heavy Duty In-Ground Gate Posts are a part of our composite fencing collection, offering customers the ability to complete in-ground installations. The posts are made to be used in conjunction with Creative Surfaces Self-Closing Gate Frame Kit (sold separately). The reinforced black aluminum post is made to withstand the added pressure of our Self-Closing Gate.

  • Durable aluminum posts for in-ground installation (8 ft posts)
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation with Creative Surfaces Gate Frame
  • Includes: 1x 8 ft. Heavy Duty In-Ground Gate Post, 1x Post Cap, 2x Channel Covers, 1x Enhanced Base
  • Post Dimensions: 3.15 in. X 3.15 in. X 74.8 in.
  • To complete a Creative Surfaces Self-Closing Gate you will need a Fence Panel (HDPNL0401, HDPNL0402 or HDPNL0403) and 1x 8 ft. Heavy Duty In-Ground Gate Post (HDGTEPST0401)

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