RIgid Core Click Vinyl Warranty

Creative Surfaces rigid core vinyl flooring is covered under a limited warranty of 30 years for residential use and a limited warranty of 10 years for light commercial use. The stipulations of this warranty are as follows:

  • The flooring will be free of manufacturing defects.
  • The flooring surface will not wear through under normal usage.


The following conditions apply to the warranty and may void the warranty if not followed correctly:

  • The flooring must be installed according to the instructions provided.
  • If filing a warranty claim, it must be submitted within 30 days of the discovery of the damage.
  • Any damage to the wear layer must be evident and visible, measuring at least 13 cm² (2 square inches).
  • Proof of purchase, such as a bill of sale is mandatory when requesting warranty service.
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to designate a representative to inspect the floor in question and remove samples for analysis.
  • The warranty includes the replacement material, and excludes labour cost.


  • Damage due to improper installation, care, cleaning, or maintenance.
  • Use of any adhesive or solvent material during installation.
  • Installation of rigid core click LVT in an outdoor/exterior setting or in any type of garage.
  • Installation of rigid core click LVT in an unheated environment such as a cottage, camping trailer, or solarium.
  • Damage caused by severe impact, scratching, or cutting, fire, water damage, alterations, or any other wear or damage caused by acts of God.
  • Discoloration from mold or from flooding, leaking plumbing or appliances, water entering through sliding glass doors or similar conditions.
  • Discoloration by exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Discoloration caused by the use of area rugs or floor mats.