Care & Maintenance

How can I increase the shine of my floor?
How can I remove footprints left by someone walking barefoot?
Is it possible to repair the wear layer?
How can scratches on a laminate floor be repaired?


How much material will be wasted during installation?
In which direction should the flooring be installed?
Is it necessary to shift the end seams by a minimum of 8 inches (20 cm)?
Is it necessary to leave a gap of 5/16" (8 mm) around the perimeter of the room?
What is the maximum humidity level permitted in the core layer?
Why is there an expansive joint in every 33ft. of laminate flooring?
What is a floating floor?
What is the recommended temperature for installing laminate flooring over a radiant-heating floor?
Why is a moisture barrier used on concrete?

Product Specific

What is the wear layer made of?
How many boxes do I need to cover a specific area?